So, why would you study sex, tho?

Oh, if only I had a buck for every time I’ve been asked this question, lol. The answer is simple: No matter your background, place of origin, or personal identity, sex is thing that connects us all. Strip away the cultural, behavioral, and psychosocial influences and sex remains—and I’ve always found this truth to be a resolute force behind my work. Sex got us here, so we should be able to talk, explore and, above all, enjoy it openly.

But why start SCC?

In a nutshell? I just want to help people become their best sexual selves, whatever that may be.

What services do you provide? What do you do?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of what SCC offers as a consulting agency:

Do you see clients for clinical/therapeutic appointments?

Not at the moment, but this will be offered in the future, so please stay tuned!

Who can use SCC?

Anyone! All are welcome to use any of the services offered by SCC. If you require any expert insight or work in the areas of sex education, intimate relationships, dating, sexual subculture and/or kink, please reach out via any of the platforms included on the ”Contact” page.

Are there any particular areas in which you specialize?

While I am well-versed in human sexuality and education, my studies and research have focused on the experiences of the BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/People of Color) community. As a WOC, I am very familiar with the lingering cultural, historical, and systemic influences colonial rule and imperialism has on the sexuality of BIPOC bodies. My work thus far has focused on removing the stigma, shame, and fetishization associated with these influences, particularly in seemingly sex-positive spaces.

Should you have any questions regarding my research, please send your inquiry via the Contact form located below.

Last question – what breed of dog is Lola?

She’s a toy-sized Australian Shepherd. Yes, they actually come in that size. No, she’s not a puppy but full grown. No, she’s not mixed with anything else. Yes, I will tell you where I got her LOL.

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