Live Your Best Intimate Life!
- Steph


  • Let’s face it. We live in a world that struggles to align its attitude and behavior with how we approach sex.
  • Confused? Think of sex and relationships like a pool party. We advertise how much fun the pool can be. The people hanging around the pool are all attractive, personable—best of all, they seem like expert swimmers. Every billboard, commercial, song, and movie depicts the pool as the IT place to be, beckoning you to dive in.
  • But here’s the problem: you suddenly realize that don’t know how to swim—no one has ever taught you how. Even worse, all of the messages you’ve received about swimming have been a host of contradictions: go to the pool, but don’t dive in; dive in, but don’t splash around; you can splash, but only swim a specific way with specific people during specific times. Go against these rules and you may subject yourself to confusion, judgment, ostracization.
  • Here’s the bottom line: The majority of us have received a lifetime of mixed messages about sex, relationships, and intimacy. As a result, some people spend their entire lives experiencing feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt. My job as your Coach is to help you decipher that messaging and remove the negative impacts to your intimate life. By coaching clients through the cultural, historical, and social barriers they encounter, they are encouraged to live their best sexual and intimate life, whatever that may look like to them.
  • Whether it’s through an educational training, a virtual workshop, or a podcast discussion, I want to meet you where you are and help you take steps to connect with your true intimate self. Let’s get started.

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