Meet Steph

Stephanie “Steph” Lykes has an extensive background in public and sexual health spanning over a decade. As an Intimacy & Relationship Coach, she has one goal in mind: to help everyone become their best sexual selves.

Steph has a Master in Sexuality & Health from Columbia University where, as a student, she dedicated much of her time fostering healthy sexuality and agency for people of color. After graduating, she worked in Harlem for several years conducting HIV research that focused on healthy behaviors and prevention. She then went on to work as a healthcare consultant, overseeing maternal, child, and adolescent policy and program development for the mid-Atlantic region of the US.

She has spent the last few years working in communications for the pharma sector while working towards her Master of Clinical Social Work as well as a doctorate in Human Sexuality at Widener University.

Steph continues to be a voice in the sex industry. In addition to being a published author, she is a prolific content creator for topics ranging from kink and fetish play to relationship coaching. Steph is also an accomplished speaker who has been featured on numerous podcasts and various events, most recently for Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center and New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 KinkOut series.

A “New Yorker with Southern sensibilities”, Steph operates out of the tri-state area with her pup, Lola.